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Sicilian Sous-Chef

   A couple of years ago I hosted my nephew Stefano on his way to St. Moritz where he was working, at that time, as kitchen Commis at the Metropol Hotel inner restaurant. Today he sweats as Sous-Chef in a cozy Swiss restaurant: although he has to bear more physical and psychological pressure, he gets boosted professional satisfactions.

   While he was showing me his personal knives collection, I thought to make him a portrait; actually he wanted to shave his face first, but I deterred him lest he would have lost the passion which was radiating from his eyes while talking about his special Japanese knives and some of his personal recipes. I think I have succeeded to portray – apart the above mentioned passion for his job – his strong determination and happy state of mind, a mix which will help him a lot in his future career.


  The Global GS-14 knife appealed me most; it’s a serrated utility knife for small bread cutting and sandwiches, on which you can distinguish the 32 layers of stainless steel: in other words a miniature Katana sword.


  One of Stefano’s February 2017 appealing main courses: Spaghetti made from cucumber, drenched in French sauce and covered with fresh marinated salmon slices topped by onion’s sprouts. In the hereunder two pictures, on the left, Stefano while pouring liquid nitrogen to prepare a quick recipe and, on the right, in a restaurant cellar while choosing a seasoned North-East Italy specialty, called Speck: hunch pork, cured with spices.