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Italian Eco soap

After years in search of a soap which wouldn’t leave traces of disturbing perfumes, or harsh chemical wiffs, it happened to me, by chance, to find a perfect product for doing the laundry. I even use it for washing the dishes as it does not leave traces at all.

What though befuddled me, was the fact that recently it has been taken out of shelves – in one of the biggest Italian chainstores – for marketing reasons: a multinational company had offered more money to buy the rent of that half-meter square.

Alga Bio Srl company which produces the soap, is located in Naples, and its manager, Mr. Gianluca De Simone, told me why its product – present in other supermaket chains – had been taken out of shelves: “I had remained aghast, as I wasn’t expecting such a move from Esselunga: we have lost a big chunk of our market product in Italy”.