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Ecce Chair!

   When Ponzius Pilate – Prefect of Judaea from AD 26 to 36 – uttered to the crowd, crammed in a Jerusalem’s square, the words “Ecce Homo!” (Here is the man!), he had tried, in order to save Jesus’ life, to further belittle that suffering, humble, although mysteriously imposing person.

   On the contrary, here, in my “Ecce Chair!” title, the meaning – of course, with no intention to offend Christian believers – conveys the opposite. In short, whereas in Jesus, his qualities were hidden to that jeering crowd, in the case of this HAG Capisco Puls chair they are shown blatantly evident.

   Actually it took me quite a bit to find the right chair on which I could sit for hours without feeling discomfort. There are two main reasons why this doesn’t happen with a Puls chair, and they both come out from its unusual, but logical design: first, the sitter’s thighs benefit from a frontal steep downhill sitting design which eases his legs’ blood circulation; the other advantage being the fact that your backbone – because of the free space in the back of the seat – isn’t anymore compressed and therefore enjoys the correct spinal posture. Last, but not least advantage lies in the fact that during our meditative moments we may comfortably put our arms on the backrest’s two horizontal appendixes.

   In general, a perfect design is always coupled with industrial ethics  and this reminds me here of Adriano Olivetti and his affordable mass-marketed Lettera 22 typewriter, the slimmest “word processor” when appeared in 1950. We know also for sure that Norway – where the industrial designer Peter Opsvik comes from is permeated by such a praiseworthy mix; therefore, because the Capisco Puls chair is being now offered to the potential buyers at a steep price, I would suggest to the Hag company to find a way to large-scale manufacture such a product in order to decrease its price, a decision which could bring benefit the health of a larger base of its customers.

   In Milano, the Capisco Puls can be found at Mobilnovo store, located on via Rembrandt 2, just two bus stops (N. 80 or 63) from MM1 Red Line Underground De Angeli station. The employees there are very kind and competent and, by the way, they also have at their desk this very comfortable chair.